Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A day off work

Today, thanks to my fourth grader, B, 9, I had the day off work. It was parent teacher conference day and my usual sitter had plans with her kids and couldn't watch him. Sooooooo I used the (welcome) excuse and planned a vacation day.

We stayed up late last night, got up late this morning and ate bagels and cream cheese for breakfast. We usually try to eat more healthy at breakfast, but it was a special day, you see!

We played video games--yes, we--as one way to celebrate. We went to parent teacher conference (where the darling boy got glowing remarks!!!! yay!!!) and then to lunch. Then B went to play at a friends' house.

Well, well, well. Me with a couple of hours on my hands. What to do? Laundry? Change the bed linens? Vacuum the living room? NO. I baked. Delicious little treats that I tried when I discovered Silver Bell Cottage's blog. (I'm having linking trouble, but you can find Alexandra's wonderful blog at They are yummy and very easy to make. Now....for a cup of tea and one of these little yummies while they're still warm and the house is still quiet!

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Anonymous said...

looks yummy!!