Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Good morning!

This is the first place I head in the morning. Gotta have that coffee! I love my "coffee station!" The lamp will be painted in a rubbed bronze color as soon as the weather allows.
I found the Waverly curtain panel at the thrift store, brand new in the package for $4.00. That one made my day! I use it to screen my laundry room from the kitchen. No matter how hard I try, my laundry room just doesn't stay neat. I am having cabinets built floor to ceiling opposite the washer and dryer. When they are done and painted, maybe I will be able to open the curtain and "let you all in!"


Rosie's Whimsy said...

You just gave me another "dah" moment! My laundry/pantry is off my kitchen as well. Now it has a wonderful pocketdoor that closes it off but the kitties use that room as well.....if you know what I mean. So, I can't keep the door closed. Why haven't I thought of making a curtain for that area? Yours looks so nice and it adds softness as well! Thanks! :-) Rosie

Jane said...

This looks like a corner from one of the very beautiful bed and breakfasts we have been to! Such a nice nook to pamper yourself in the morning.

Lucy said...

Wow--what a great idea!! Love your coffee corner!

I have a hutch I could do something similar with now that you have me thinking!

Thank you for joining our "Springtime in Paris" swap!!

Looking forward to stopping back again soon!

Shayla said...

What a pretty little nook!