Monday, March 17, 2008


Kristin of tagged me to list for you 7 of my, ahem...I mean quirks. Yes, that's it. Quirks. Here they are in no particular order:

1. I cannot stand to drink from a plastic cup or glass. It MUST be real glass and preferably that vintage kind that's really thick and heavy. (Sorry, Tupperware!)
2. My toenails must be painted at all times. Old woman, yellow- toenails- showing just will not do!
3. I don't drink soda pop. It feels yucky on my teeth.
4. I hate socks and closed shoes! (Yay, Kristin! Another one of us!) Flip flops, sandals, barefoot are all good. It can get tricky in the winter. Snow and flipflops do not go together. But clogs (yes, with socks! grrr......) do work fine. Oh, and the toenails? Polished, thank-you-very-much!
5. I always carry a couple of magazines on the passenger seat of my car. That way, I'm ready to be entertained wherever/whenever I have to wait.
6. I cannot get into an unmade bed. I rarely leave it unmade in the morning, but sometimes Mr. Lazy Pants is the last one out and he doesn't make it. (Yes, ladies, I am still training him!) I have to make the bed before I get in. (and plump the pillows, in case you were wondering!)
7. I cannot stand for my food to touch each other on my plate. Yes, I know it all ends up in the same place. But. Still.

There they are. The 7 I would dare to write and publish online. There are oh so many more. The deeper, darker secrets that you will never know. Consider yourselves lucky!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Karen for playing along...I went on to tell you I had tagged you, but you were already on top of it!! I have blogged about your adorable tags now. Thanks for swapping, that was super fun!! Luv, Kristin

lollysnestegg said...

That is too funny! I also don't do socks (even in the winter I wear open toes - call me crazy!) and I have a couple of magazines in my passenger seat at all times - comes in very handy in traffic, at stop lights, etc.!