Monday, July 23, 2007

Monday *yawn*...sleepy Monday

It's been so hot and muggy here that sleeping is nearly impossible. So what to do while awake in the middle of the night? Hmmm....nothing noisy. B will never go back to sleep if he's wakened. Hubs is snoring away, so I'll have to leave my cozy bed. I know! I'll rearrange "things" in the living room! Hubs teases me that I'm never happy with the way things look. I'll arrange...and rearrange.....and re-rearrange until it's just right. Then I'll find a new treasure and rearrange all over again to incorporate it. I know I can't be the ONLY one who does this, but hubs swears it's totally abnormal. He swears things would still look the way they did when we moved in 10 years ago if it were up to him. (Thank heaven it isn't!) Well, I think it's perfectly normal, amusing and satisfying to look at old things in a new way. So there!

We have a state holiday tomorrow, July 24, celebrating the day the Mormon pioneers entered the Salt Lake valley after a trying trip west. Everything is closed, there is a parade and fireworks....just like another July 4. Lucky us! I get to use my patriotic decorations all month, and I love it! Weather is supposed to be overcast and rainy. That's a tough one. We "need" the rain because: 1. We're in the middle of a drought. 2. We have wild fires raging all around us. I just hope (selfishly) that the rain waits until after the parade tomorrow morning. B, age 9, is riding his dirt bike in the parade with his little gang of friends also on dirt bikes and atv's. Yes, folks, it's a rural parade! There's always a goat pulling a cart, big horses pulling a wagon, fire trucks, diesel trucks from the local sand and gravel yard, and kids on anything with wheels! It's a really fun time. Wish you could join us!

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