Sunday, February 10, 2008

I finally decided...

To post on this blog. I have been trying to decide which direction the blog should go, and so have talked myself into not posting until I'm clear about that. In the meantime, I read many blogs every day and most of them aren't tightly focused anyway. So this will incorporate art projects, decorating, cooking and gardening, my list of "passions." Oh, and the kids will make appearances, too! hee hee
NGW, son, 18 is leaving to go back to school for the week. His departures are so difficult for all of us that it stretches out from 10 in the morning until 3 or so in the afternoon! We say goodbye, and goodbye again, and goodbye some more. It's the hardest time of the week for me.
Little BWP, son, 9, is off playing with a friend. They are both skateboard fanatics and enjoy trying new tricks. For right now, he wants to be a pro skateboarder. When the weather is warmer, and he can ride his dirtbike, he will want to be a pro dirtbiker. Etc. Etc. Etc. It's never dull around here!
I am working on a nest swap sponsored by speckled-egg. It's so much fun to "meet" a new swap partner and make them a project. I have a ton of ideas for my partners' nest, and just have to begin to edit the ideas so the project makes sense and weighs under 10 pounds!
Well, off to get ready for another week. Family dinner tonight, making valentines with BWP and making teriyaki chicken bowls to put in the freezer for this weeks lunch. Sounds fun, doesn't it?
Until next time~

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